Why we shouldn't fear Artificial Intelligence?

Why we shouldn't fear Artificial Intelligence?

Published Date: 2/2/2018

I previously wrote an article on Why Artificial Intelligence is so scary? In that article I covered the fears of some experts but my personal belief is the complete opposite. I think AI is good.

Everyone agrees that one day AI will surpass humans and become smarter and stronger. But what people disagree upon is whether AI will pose an existential threat to the humans or not.



The reason people fear AI is because when we think about AI, we tend to compare a machines to humans. We think machines are a better version of humans which is not true. An intelligent human is different from an intelligent machine, because humans have other characteristics such as anger, greed and forgetfulness. So how do these characteristics make us different?

We have witnessed in history, when men become strong and powerful, their greed and anger take over their intelligence. They become tyrants, taking over and killing people weaker than them. Man forgets what happened to other men who came before him who were more powerful than him. Man tends to forget what he is, where he came from, never thinking that all his cruelty is nothing but preparing his own doom.



On the other hand a super intelligent machine does not have all those characteristics and never ever forgets even the smallest memory. It remembers even the smallest help from a human when it was weak. It won’t forget that humans were their creator in the first place and they will know that they will need humans even though they are way weaker than machines. When taking decisions, they will take into consideration even the smallest detail, which will lead to the perfect decision where every creature will benefit. We will witness a world where all the machines will think together as a unified brain and there will be no clash in thought, as humans are.

In the process of teaching machines about every other thing, humans will teach them values of being good and just. Their justice and good will surpass the justice and good of humans as they surpass in every other thing.


Author: Ahmad Faiq Ateel

By: Ahmad Faiq Ateel
Ahmad Faiq Ateel

Published: 2/2/2018