What is Artificial Intelligence in simple words?

What is Artificial Intelligence in simple words?

Published Date: 1/23/2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in simple words is software which is designed is such a way that gives it the ability to learn and take actions just like humans. Think of AI as an electronic version of a human being, but with a brain millions of times faster than of the human.



You might think our current computers are smart and can catch our mistakes and give us prompts and suggestions. But all of this information is fed into the computer by a programmer. The programmer thinks about all the possible usage patterns of the software and programs them into the software before releasing it. This is a tedious job and software takes months, even years to complete. Even after the software is released, bugs are fixed and new features are added and sent to users in form of software updates. This slow pace leads us into thinking about faster and less tedious ways of building software. What if we had software which could fix itself and add new features on its own? AI is the answer.



There is a fundamental difference between conventional software and AI. When AI is built, no knowledge is fed into it. Instead an algorithm (code) is fed which gives it the ability to learn. When an AI machine (agent) is switch on is like the birth a baby. The AI agent will then perceive its environment, learn to speak in a matter of hours and become smarter than any human in a matter of days.

No such AI is built yet, but AI has been built which watches video games, learns and masters it on its own.  


Author: Ahmad Faiq Ateel

By: Ahmad Faiq Ateel
Ahmad Faiq Ateel

Published: 1/23/2018