HelloFresh: Meal Prep Kit Review

HelloFresh: Meal Prep Kit Review

Published Date: 8/24/2019

We are one of those families who enjoy homemade food. We have very delicious recipes that have been passed down to us from generations. Sometimes we cook our dishes the traditional way and sometimes we try to modernize them. Our friends from every other culture, who have tried our recipes, have always loved them. We love cooking and also enjoy our recipes but with busy lifestyle nowadays, it is not simple to do even though you love it. Cooking is fun but the process of grocery shopping and cooking food every day is very time consuming. Especially for parents, who already have lots of responsibilities, it is very stressful to prepare healthy food 3 times a day. You always wonder if it could be simpler or you could get a helping hand and at the same time keep it healthy, delicious and fresh. 

The choices you make about what you eat and drink matter.  So, frozen foods, canned food or fast food is not the best bet for us. Eating at restaurants is not cheap either and you don’t know what’s on your plate (how much oil, carbs and calories). We were always thinking about ways to make home cooking easier and also keep it healthy, nutritious and budget friendly.

One day I came across the HelloFresh booth in my son’s Jiu-Jitsu class. I thought they are one of those companies who send you ready-made processed food, but I was surprised that they send you raw ingredients with instructions for cooking. I reluctantly signed up because I could cancel my subscription at any time. I was not obligated to any agreement and I received a discount for my first box. So I thought it doesn’t hurt to try.

When I received my first HelloFresh box and I get these nice and fresh ingredients with cooking instructions in 6 steps. It took me less than an hour to prepare the surprisingly delicious food and enjoyed the dinner with my family. I was happy that my kids cleaned their plates even though half of it was vegetables. We instantly became HelloFresh fans. 

One time, some of the ingredients were not fresh. I contacted them and they gave me a refund right away. It gave me a good feeling and I was very happy with their service.  I used their chat service on their contact page and their response was very fast, the whole conversation took about 5 minutes.

People are dealings very badly with stress especially parents who are always thinking about keeping their families healthy and energetic at all times, we wish that someone help us at least in one part of our life, as a parent I think HelloFresh has given me that helping hand. 

Since I am not spending a lot of my time thinking about grocery shopping and what to cook so I have more time for myself to become a  happy person and also I am not worried about my food choices because I know what I have on my plate. 

Maintaining good health doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a lot of work and smart lifestyle choices. A healthy diet is rich in fiber, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, “good” or unsaturated fats, and omega- 3 fatty acids. These dietary components turn down inflammation. For us going easy on processed foods is another element of healthy eating. 

We think HelloFresh is healthy and convenient.

Author: Ahmad Faiq Ateel

By: Ahmad Faiq Ateel
Ahmad Faiq Ateel

Published: 8/24/2019